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Car Dealerships

Learn how Car Dealerships are using QuotePro Kiosk technology.

The QuotePro Kiosk is A Cashier

  • The QuotePro Kiosk serves as a cashier.
  • The Kiosk accepts cash & makes change.
  • All payments, of all kinds, are made at the kiosk (Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, e-Checks).
  • Payments are posted to your DMS in real-time
  • No more scheduling hassles – the kiosk works 24/7/365 without so much as a bathroom break and can be relied upon for 10-25 man hours per day

The QuotePro Kiosk Delivers Full Cash Management

  • Armored carriers such as Loomis will collect the cash from the kiosk and deposit it in your bank.
  • Only the armored carrier has access to the safe which increases safety & accountability.
  • Your employees will NEVER touch cash again.
  • Monthly payments, side notes and even down payments are made at the kiosk

The QuotePro Provides Reporting

  • Full transactional reporting is delivered delivered daily and online reporting is available for customized reports.
  • Reconciliation reporting is delivered with each bank deposit saving your CFO’s & Accountant’s valuable time.
  • QuotePro’s customer support is readily available to help you with any discrepancies or issues that may arise.

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